Brindle Community Hall

Women’s Institute

The WI LogoBrindle WI meetings are held every second Monday of the month in Brindle Community Hall at 7.30pm.

We currently have over 35 members and are happy to welcome new members or visitors to any of our meetings.

We have a varied and interesting mix of speakers interspersed with members’ evenings. Supper at Brindle WI always impresses our visitors so let us prove to you we are not ‘all jam and Jerusalem’.

Membership of the WI is open to all women over the age of 18 years.

We offer friendship, fun and an opportunity to be involved in local, national and global issues. We enjoy trips and meals out organised by ourselves and also access courses and events organised by the Lancashire and National Federation of Women’s Institutes.

If you would like to give our meetings a try then come along on a no obligation basis for three months. If you decided to join, then the annual subscription is currently £42.00

Programme of Events 2019

14th January        –   All About Coffee   –    Richard Isherwood

Competition   –   A Coffee Curiosity

Tea Hostesses  –  Sue Aspin, Stephanie Sibbles, Margaret Nicholl

11th February          –   Edith Rigby and the Suffragettes   –   Judith Beeston

Competition   –   Something Purple

Tea Hostesses  –   Kate Clements, Brenda Gow, Liz Slatcher

11th March                 –   Bee Keeping   –   Vicky Cuthbertson

Competition   –  A Baked Item Using Honey

Tea Hostesses  –  Jenny Bennison, Joan Haisley, Margaret Markland

14th March               –   LFWI Spring Council   –   Southport

8th April                  –  The Life Of Catherine Cookson   –   Pat Osborne

Competition   –   A Family Heirloom

Tea Hostesses   –   Ann Brown, Jean Hart, Karen McKie

11th May                  –    Resolutions & Members Meeting

Curiosity Corner   –   Fiona Smithson

Competition   –   Mystery Object from the past

Tea Hostesses  –  Eileen Bannister, Diane Hill, Olive Neal

10th June              –     Criminal Psychology   –   Dr Adrian West

Competition   –   A Puzzle

Tea Hostesses  –   Agnes Trevino, Anne Atherton, Marjorie Ward

 June              –     75th Birthday Meal

NFWI Annual Meeting   –   Bournmouth 5th June

8th July                 –      Hairdressing Through The Ages   –   Ian Black

Competition   –   A Photo  –  Did We Really Look Like That ?

Tea Hostesses  –  Greta Cowgill, Pat Holt, Lynn Packer

12th August          –      Members Evening

Competition   –   You’ve Made It – Let’s See It

Tea Hostesses  –  Jenny Evans,  Annette Pearson, Susan Worden

9th September –      Sweet Memories   –   Jackie Mafi

Competion   –   Sweets For My Sweet

Tea Hostesses  –  Hannah Farnworth, Joyce Hoyle, Janice Platt

25th / 26th September   –   County Show

14th October –       Annual Meeting

Tea Hostesses  –  The Committee

11th November     –       Winter Decorations From Your Garden   –   Alan Foxall

Competition   –   A Winter Warmer

Tea Hostesses  –  Blanche Fleming, Andrea Isherwood, Shirley Stone

9th December      –       Christmas Party

Competition   –   A Christmas Card

Tea Hostesses   –   Everyone


President   –  Susan Horrocks   –   01254 852173

Vice President   –    Pauline Hindle

Secretary   –   Anne Wilson

2 Church View, Twistmoor Lane, Withnell PR6 8RS

01254 688100 (Daytime)

Hon.  Treasurer   –    Roxana Clark

Programme Secretaries   –   Andrea Isherwood

Committee   –   Susan Burgess,  Madge Foy, Sheila Lewis,  Anne Wilson,  Pauline Hindle, Susan Horrocks, Andrea Isherwood, Roxana Clark